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Personal injury Lawyer London should be your first stop in making your Personal Injury claim you should really use a local personal injury Lawyer in or around London. An accident that happened in London need not be stressful. The insurance industry ensures that making a Personal Injury Claim gets a lot of bad press. However, whether it is a Trip On A Pavement, A Work Accident, A Whiplash Claim, A Car Accident Claim, a MIB Claim, or even a CICA claim. You should not feel guilty or be embarrassed to make a claim. It is your right to make a no-win no-fee claim if someone injured you through their negligence. 

All claims are handled on a NO WIN NO FEE basis by one of our specialist personal injury lawyers in London. We only deal with Injury Claims and our panel of Injury Claim solicitors who specialize in Personal Injury want to win your Injury Claim for you. We will always endeavor to ensure get you an experienced local firm within 25 miles of your home address. We pride ourself on our no pressure approach. So if you want to discuss your Personal Injury Claim then give Injury claims London a call to discuss your personal injury claim on our freephone number: 0800 195 6387

Are those online Personal Injury  Claims Compensation calculators accurate?

Generally, when you go to those other Personal Injury Claims websites they all have wonderful Claims calculators and promises of fast compensation. Those calculators do not show the full amount you can claim and tend to concentrate on providing exciting big numbers to entice you to claim for your personal injury claim. After all more is better and getting it quicker is even better. Isn't it?

For a very basic personal injury where you recovered almost overnight (or within a few days) then even then those calculators do not work. They don't want to show you that you might only be awarded £1000 and once their fees have been taken off perhaps as little as £600 in your pocket.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a more complicated Personal Injury Claim. You need to seriously consider the true effect on not only you but your family (in terms of the extra care you might require both physically and emotionally) and your employment options or even your employer.

Luckily all of these areas can be looked at and if you choose to contact Injury Claims Surrey one of our specialist personal injury Solicitors will ensure they are considered and where appropriate recovered for you. These additional losses are covered under what is called 'heads of claim'.

So what can YOU claim for?

Pain, Suffering, and Loss of Amenity (PSLA)

Without this head of claim, you do not have a Personal Injury Claim as quite simply if there is no physical injury there is no claim. Pain, suffering, and loss of amenity by its very description are made of 3 parts.

Pain, suffering, and loss of amenity by its very description are made of 3 parts.

  1. Pain. This takes into account the physical pain suffered in the accident (this is often what the calculators are offering you when they provide a number).
  2. Suffering. This deals with the Mental part of the accident for which we Brits are really bad at dealing with because of our wonderful 'stiff upper lip', we have not been brought up to speak about and seek help with. However, this should not be ignored as it could form a sizeable proportion of your compensation payout.
  3. Loss Of Amenity. For me, this is undervalued as this generally has the biggest impact on your life after an accident. You may drag yourself into work the next day to look all tough and not tell anyone about the nightmares and sweats you have been having but life is about enjoyment. If you are no longer able to do those things you love because of your Personal injury accident then surely that should be taken into account. You should ensure you list everything you like to do as a pass time/ hobby and the effect your injury has had on it.

Loss Of Earnings

Whereas a claim for PSLA is a figure calculated from guidelines and case law dependent on how seriously you were injured. Along with the perceived time, it will take you to recover from your Car crash, Work accident or trip or fall. Loss of earnings, on the other hand, can be calculated fairly easily. As long as you have a straightforward 9 to 5 job that pays no overtime or bonuses and your chances of promotion were nil. Anyone else needs to really now pay attention.

This falls under what is called 'special damages' and your Solicitor will try to work out with your help what you might have earned (after tax and national insurance and other overheads) if you did not have the accident.

If you are self-employed then you need to keep records of all conversations, job you had tendered for, contracts you had been offered that sort of thing.

Where things start to get complicated is that as a result of the accident you believe you have lost a chance of promotion or the ability to take on more responsibility that came with greater pay. In severe Personal Injury Accidents, you could find yourself unemployed as you are unable to continue doing the job you were employed to do prior to the accident.

Loss of Benefits

Some jobs come with very good benefits be there enhanced employer pension contributions, private medical care, a company car, a company phone laptop etc. You are entitled to claim for the loss of these perks if the accident was not your fault.

Care and Services

As a result of a Personal Injury, you may find that you are unable to perform certain normal day to day tasks. This then may leave you with the dilemma of requiring care from a loved one or a professional. Often these types of service are not free and if this is the case whether the care is provided by a family member of an outside agency this additional and often huge needs to be included in your overall compensation payment.

Medical Expenses

If as a result of your injury your treatment is more than 1 visit to your GP or Hospital. You may choose to either receive your treatment for your personal injury on the NHS or you can seek private treatment. Obviously, any private treatment needs to be reasonable and you will need to discuss this with your local Surrey solicitor we provide. At the end of the day, you were injured in an accident that was not your fault. So within reason, you can choose whatever method puts you back in the position you were prior to your accident as soon as possible.

Other Items you can claim for

We all take our day to day lives for granted and don't really think about what we do on a daily to basis and what makes us happy. That is until something happens that prevents you from doing the things you love doing or are very good at doing. Things like DIY around the house often save huge amounts of money. Against paying a professional to provide the same service but if as a result of an accident you can no longer get up a ladder or hold a drill there will be an additional cost to you in the future.

If you love gardening but can longer get down on your knees to do so again you may need to employ someone to do that so there can be a double loss, the cost of paying someone and the loss of pleasure.

We Injury Claims Surrey recommends that you keep a diary of anything you can no longer do as a result of your personal injury accident and keep your specialist solicitor updated as they occur to you. Any travel expense incurred as a result of your injury claim needs to be recorded and accounted for so you can claim it back.

If you can drive but no longer change gear then you may have to sell your old car and buy a different one that is an automatic, again if this is only as a result of the accident it can be claimed for during your injury claim.

This list is not exhaustive but is we have provided it to make you think and consider the massive knock-on effect of suffering a personal injury and really the only real way to recover any financial loss and compensation for your injury is to make a no-win no-fee personal injury claim. [phone_number]

So why should you choose Injury Claims Surrey instead of a standard claims management company or choose a solicitor direct for your No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claim?

In most cases, you won't really know who you are actually dealing with when it comes to making your personal injury claim unless you actually walk into a solicitor's office but for many people, they are a little daunted and frightened. If you scroll down to the bottom of most websites you will be able to work out what the company is. If you see they are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) They are a firm of solicitors. The MOJ  (Ministry of Justice) Then they are a Claims Management company. Or the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) They are a Marketing company supported by an insurer. So if you look below you will notice we are a Marketing company supported by a claimant insurer.

What do they all do?

Well, pretty much all the same thing with a few differences.

  1. A Solicitor will take your call for an injury claim and see if they can help you and then suggest if they feel you may need separate and additional insurance.
  2. A Claims Management company will take your call and see if you have a claim and then find you a solicitor, who then might suggest additional insurance.
  3. An Insurer/ Claims management company. they will take your call, provide you with additional insurance and pass you to a solicitor.

So why are there 3 main differences?

Well in the main most people that choose to make a claim for compensation after an Injury don't want or like to speak to a solicitor directly at first. People would rather speak to someone who empathizes with them and can relate to them. Something Solicitor firms often struggle with. In addition Claims, management companies are normally better at advertising for injury claims than most solicitors as that is their specialty where solicitors specialty is running and winning claims.

But whoever you choose to go with, you need to know who you are dealing with and that is why if you live in the Surrey area and have had an accident that was not your fault that resulted in a personal injury, be it a work accident, a car accident including whiplash, a trip or a fall on a pavement, or you have been assaulted/ attacked (CICA), or fallen on a shop then it makes sense to choose a local company that will find you a local specialist No WIN No Fee solicitor.

Injury Claims Surrey covers a wide area in fact 25 miles from our base near Guildford, Farnham in the west, to Camberley in the Northwest, Staines, Chertsey, Cobham Guildford, Dorking, Redhill along with Leatherhead and Chessington.

So to summarise if you have a personal injury claim and want the best personal injury lawyer who is not only local in Surrey but is also one of the best specialist personal injury solicitors firms in the country by virtue of their expertise in standard and non standard personal injury claims then look no further and make your claim today.