What makes bicycle accident claims different and special?

Normally 1mm of cotton or lycra.

Cyclists do not have the luxury of sitting in a 1-tonne metal box. They must share the road with cars, lorries, and buses. They have the same rights to be on those roads. But they have to contend with impatient, inattentive or downright aggressive drivers.

Types of accidents

Generally, there are 3 main types of accidents where you might have a claim against a third party.

  1. Lack of attention by a motorist, not seeing you on a roundabout, poorly judging speed and cutting you up and taking a left turn soon after an overtake are the most common but by no means the only types.
  2. Poor road surface, be it potholes, raised or smooth drains, parallel tram tracks. Or my current favorite would be loose shingle dressing that does nothing to the previous defects other than cover them in a loose shingle dressing.
  3. Pedestrians trying to commit suicide by mobile phone, walking into the road without looking. This one may be the hardest to win however as you need to have their details and hope they have some sort of 3rd party insurance cover in their home contents policy.


Sadly due to the nature of these accidents and the speeds involved. The lack of protection bicycle provide. Accidents at best will result in severe gravel rash and at worst multiple breaks (or worse). Injuries from bicycle accidents are not only physical they can also be psychological and result in being unable to get back on a bike. If you use a bicycle to commute to work then there is an additional cost there. If you are mentally scarred from your accident you should consider seeking help from your GP or visit the hospital who may be able to provide counseling that may help you back on the road to recovery.

Cyclists are an odd breed of people in that often all they want is their bicycle repaired. However non-riding members of the public often do not realize the overall cost of repairing damaged bicycles the equipment attached and the clothing worn. Often the only way to get you back to the position you were in prior to an accident is to simply make a claim.

So we would say in almost all cases if you want your bicycle repaired or replaced and you were injured and needed to seek medical attention then you should make a claim. Please fill in the contact me form on this page or give us a ring and we can discuss your claim and get the ball rolling.

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A Bicycle accident is just different.

People forget that you are not in a car surrounded by 1 tonne of metal and numerous airbags.

That you are not walking @ 3.1 miles per hour and falling over at that slow speed.

It is often too hot to wear body armour and you are not at work in steel toe caps and reinforced clothing.

What you are is a person traveling @ 13mph protected by a polystyrene and plastic helmet and a layer or 2 of cotton or if very keen lycra.

You are treated like a fellow road user when it suits. But then shouted at and abused for riding on the road when you delay other road users.  The life of a cyclist is a thankless and often dangerous one whether you ride to commute or ride for pleasure.

So why do you ride? Well for me it is pleasure and commuting. It is fitness and less stress than sitting stuck in traffic, so it is worth the risk.

But woe betides anyone who damages my bike or me. I will claim to have both my bike and my body fully repaired as quickly as possible. Why should you suffer the pain, expense, and delays when it was someone else's fault.

There is no shame in making an Honest claim. Ring today to discuss what happened. We will talk you through the process of how to make a bicycle injury claim. What to expect and how long it might take


Attacked? Assaulted?

Sadly and for some reason, it is a fact of life that some people just cannot control their tempers and think that it is ok to attack someone.


The loss of temper can be caused by many things and it is not just limited to being drunk. The first thing to realize is that we have access to a specialist who only works on these types of claims. Unlike most firms of solicitors who are a jack of all trades, our is a specialist.


If the person that attacked you is unknown or is not covered by any insurance then you will need to consider making a claim through the CICA this is the government-funded organization that provides compensation to those members of the public that are injured in an unprovoked attack.


T0 qualify for a CICA claim you need to have not only reported the attack as soon as reasonably possible ( being in a comma is acceptable for as a reason for a delay, was too busy or forgot is not). The claim you are making is for an attack less than 2 years ago.


In addition, you need to have been injured sufficiently to have needed multiple visits to your local hospital, GP or therapist. It will also need to be an unprovoked attack. Recently the CICA have tightened up on paying compensation to people with an active criminal record. If your criminal record is spent then you should be fine unless it is a serious offense. If your criminal record is still live but for a minor offense you should be fine but we will need to check first.